Richard Petersen, Radio Mega, DK

Six months ago we where looking for a system to replace our Wavestation and we tested a lot of the popular systems available on the market. Most of the systems where not very user friendly and they did not perform as well as we had expected. By chance we discovered the Radiohost system and this was a pleasant surprise. It had all the features we needed and it was very user friendly.

Most of our DJ's are not very computer minded but a short introduction was sufficient for most of our DJ's. Some of the first comments where "This is very easy to use, much easier than Wavestation" and "Wow, this looks easy..." We where use to poor service from our old supplier so we where a bit anxious at this point. However, I must say that we have experienced the best service we have ever had from a software company. We had some special needs for Heavy Rotation and Easy Spot and these were implemented in a short while, fast and effective. I can highly recommend the Radiohost system to all stations who need a system that are fully equipped with functionality and which is still cost effective. In my opinion the Radiohost system is a strong alternative to systems like the Dalet system and you can still keep the budget.

Richard Petersen, DJ and IT-manager, Radio Mega ApS, DK