Broadcast PE (free)

The Broadcast Private Edition is a free to use radio automation product. It's a scaled down version of the commercial version of Broadcast but we believe many people and even radio stations will benefit from this free version.

key feature

  • standalone operation (no database, no music library)
  • segue editor
  • voicetrack
  • live-assist mode
  • jukebox mode
  • add graphic information to audiofiles
  • add overlap to audiofiles
  • manage folder access
  • monitor items in playlist and/or folders (PFL)
  • quickstarts: turn your keyboard into a real jinglemachine
  • split output main playlist to two soundcards
  • drag-n-drop items between playlists
  • drag-n-drop to move items in the same playlist
  • drag-n-drop items from folder into playlist
  • group multiple playlistitems
  • timerfunctions onto playlistitems and groups


Installation file:
Broadcast Private Edition v5.222



Unfortunately we do only provide basic support for this version.