Installation files

Here you can find installation files and for all of the Radiohost modules. When first installed the Radiohost modules runs in demo mode where a few nags has been implemented. Upon registering, using a USB dongle and a registration code the modules will run in full.

What should you install?
When trying the Radiohost products, most peoples find the Broadcast module the most interesting. Broadcast will be able to run with no database, but we recommend to download and install the Data Server module as well. For a detailed description of what each module will do please read more on this site under products.

Installation files
Data Server v5.405
Broadcast v5.504
Broadcast Remote v5.504
Communicator v5.306
Heavy Rotation v5.306
Easy Spot v5.409

Installation Broadcast Private Edition (free)
Broadcast Private Edition v5.222


If you are already running a Radiohost system you can update your present installations with these update files. You might need to update all applications if you update one application. Modules from different releases will maybe not work together.

  1. Run the upgrade file on the PC with the Radiohost module installed
  2. If you need a new registration code the upgrade procedure will ask you to require one from Radiohost
  3. Re-register the installations if necessary

Update files
Data Server v5.405u
Broadcast v5.404u
Communicator v5.305u
Heavy Rotation v5.305u
Easy Spot v5.408u