Easy Spot

Easy spot is a commercial planner that enables you to dramatically reduce the time you use to manage your customer and spot files, plan the scheduling of commercials and book the spots in any way you like it. You can export the schedule to other automationsystems like Dalet, iMediaTouch, BASS and BSI.

We´ve designed the application with a high degree of flexibility so you can continue to use your present business rules in your commercials management.

Key features

  • manage customers
  • manage spots
  • manage contracts
  • one station booking
  • multi station booking
  • dayparts
  • productcode separation
  • voice separation
  • automatic booking
  • manual booking
  • automatic fill blocks
  • print list of booked spots
  • print list of customer
  • import traffic log
  • export traffic log
  • breakers before/after a commercial block
  • breaker between spots


More information about some key features


Easy Spot handles your commercials files where the files are joined to a customer. When accepting an order the sales person can enter the spot name, which text, music style, vocal type, etc. the customer has decided. These information's can be seen from the module Communicator from where the production of the commercial file will take place.


The commercial files are selected into a package for booking. The package can taker more files and the files are then rotated when booked. The package keep tracks on number of booked spots and seconds. Preferred booking period and things like preferred placement in the commercial block.


Bookings in each commercial block are shown as a red progress bar showing the percentage booked of the commercial block. To make the commercial blocks equal in time duration, fillers can be added to the commercial block either automatic or manual. Fillers are short predefined files as station IDs, flashes, etc. Fillers are shown as a blue progress bar.


Easy Spot can automatically add breaker files between the commercial files. One or more files can be used as breakers. An intro and an outro file for the commercial block can also be scheduled automatic.

Day part

The commercials can be excluded for one or more periods of the week. The exclusion is defined down to intervals of 5 minutes to keep a tight booking.


Easy Spot has a centralized definition of critical booking rules. Separation rules can be set up for the speaker and for two station defined product codes.


You can use Easy Sport as a separate product if you use another automation system. Easy Spot can export traffic schedule to different automation systems.

Hardware requirements

PC: any standard officecomputer will be sufficient
Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server
Sound card: Any standard sound card
Hard disc: 7 Mb for installation
Net card: 100 Mbit or faster
Ram: 256 Mb