Access violation using remote software

Some remote software to control your PC from a remote location will provide an access violation in the Radiohost modules. The listed programs below is not a recommendation of certain software products nor is it the opposite. We have simply added the experiences supplied to us by users of the Radiohost system.

Can't register - Is a dongle installed?

This error message will occur if:

1) You are using a registration code for a module with the wrong version. Check if the correct version of the modules is installed.

2) There are problems with the USB dongle driver. Please try to update to the latest driver found at

3) You are trying to register while multiple dongles are connected. You have to register the modules one by one.

Can I buy a license for an old version of a module?

Yes but prices are the same as for new versions. This means if you want to update at a later time you will have to pay an update fee for registration codes for the newest version.

If a module has already been delivered with registration codes for a newer version, we will ask for a fee to provide registration codes for an older version.

Communicator duplicates audiofile

Communicator duplicates your audiofile with extension .WAV while importing audiofiles or after configure mixingpoints. This behavior is due to a setting in Advanced Monitor.

Durationtime incorrectly displayed

Communicator and Broadcast do not display the durationtime of a song correctly. For example: if you choose a song of 3:33, a durationtime of 7:09 (or 0:00) is displayed. Older versions will play those files, but recent versions don't.

Can I record voicetracks from a remote location?

It is possible to record voicetrack from a remote location (a remote studio, homestudio, place of an event...). All you need is an extra copy of Broadcast, an highspeed internetconnection and a VPN-connection with you Radiohost network.

Error: 2 Cannot open MCI

The errormessage 'error: 2 Cannot open MCI' means that a in- or output of the soundcard isn't available. Check the settings in Broadcast or the general settings of the soundcard.

Can I use a NAS?

Can I use a NAS to store my audiofiles? Yes, you can but you have to pay attention in naming the shares.