Broadcast is the tool for broadcasting the show. The presenter has a powerful tool with a bunch of features to build a high quality show. Left alone Broadcast will run automated playing the play lists as they come from the scheduler or play the play lists as prepared by the presenter. Every presenter can have his own accesscode with his own accessrights.

Easy Spot

Easy spot is a commercial planner that enables you to dramatically reduce the time you use to manage your customer and spot files, plan the scheduling of commercials and book the spots in any way you like it. You can export the schedule to other automationsystems like Dalet, iMediaTouch, BASS and BSI.

Broadcast Remote

Broadcast Remote is developed for recording voicetracks in a remote/home studio. It's a small scaled version of our main playout module Broadcast. After establishing a VPN-connection, presenters can prepare their show or record voicetracks from their remote or homestudio.


The Radiohost system uses a true client/server technology. This ensures a high degree of stability and help you to keep your system on air.


Communicator prepare your files for radio automation and let you manage the music database, manually or automated import. The recorded material is added information to make the programming quick and smoothly.

Broadcast PE (free)

The Broadcast Private Edition is a free to use radio automation product. It's a scaled down version of the commercial version of Broadcast but we believe many people and even radio stations will benefit from this free version.

Heavy Rotation

Heavy Rotation is an advanced music scheduling system, which provides you with a comprehensive set of tools to automatically picking out your music, based on a set of criteria. With Heavy Rotation you will have complete control of the music flow from song to song and from hour to hour. Many radiostations invested a lot of time and money to optimize their scheduling program, so you can import playlists from standard music scheduling software (MusicMaster, PowerGold, Selector,...)