Manuals & help files

The documentation for the Radiohost system will be migrated from help files to PDF-manuals.

Until all documentation is migrated, the full documentation will be found partly in the manuals and partly in the help files. Help files will no longer be updated and some of the information in the help files will be out of date.

Read the manuals first and supply with the information in the help files not found in the manuals for a full documentation of the Radiohost system.

PDF manuals
How to update the Radiohost system
Installation and setup
General features in the Radiohost system
Data Server
Broadcast Private Edition
Heavy Rotation
Easy Spot

Microsoft HTML help files
Help files for previous release. Please find additional information in these help files where the information is not present in the PDF manuals.
Broadcast v4.008
Communicator v3.007
Easy Spot v4.006
Dial-o-matic v3.001
OnAir Record v3.001