Jakob Hyldahl, Easy FM, Denmark

The radiohost system have remarkably helped us to improve the quality of our evening, nights and weekend hours. The voice track function enables us to have our top hosts on air 24 hours a day. In the day hours our hosts can easily schedule the playlist 10 or 15 minutes ahead and hereby gain the resources to track a listener, preparing the news etc.

Reporting music royalties, is no longer a problem. The system enables us to print out hourly reports of the log. In opposition to many other systems the radiohost system is not dependent on specific hardware and we have been able to choose the sound cards that fitted our requirements and budget. The new mpeg 3 support, virtually expand our disc capacity 2 to 4 times and now we have a huge part of our record collection in the system.

Program director Jakob Hyldahl, Easy FM, Aarhus, Denmark